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Teterboro, a borough in Bergen County, New Jersey, had 61 residents according to the 2020 US census, down from 67 in 2010 but up 49% from 2000’s 18 residents. Despite its small size, Teterboro is notable as the third-smallest borough after the 2022 merger of Pine Valley and Pine Hill, having previously been New Jersey’s fourth-smallest municipality by population in 2010.

Brief History

On March 26, 1917, Teterboro was incorporated from land formerly part of the boroughs of Little Ferry, Moonachie, and Lodi Township. Its expansion continued on July 5, 1918, with the addition of a portion from Hasbrouck Heights. The borough owes its name to Walter C. Teter, an investment banker from New York who purchased land 1917 intending to construct a racetrack. Teter’s vision extended beyond the racetrack, as he also developed a 700-acre tract, reclaiming wetlands and constructing an 18-hole golf course. While briefly renamed Bendix Borough on April 14, 1937, the name reverted to Teterboro Borough on June 1, 1943. Vera Martucci became the town’s first elected female mayor in 1951.

Throughout its history, nearby towns such as Hasbrouck Heights and South Hackensack have attempted to dissolve Teterboro, citing its small population and perceived lack of necessity. However, all such endeavors have failed, and they have met with resistance from borough officials, citizens, businesses, landowners, and neighboring municipalities like Moonachie and Hasbrouck Heights.

A notable effort in July 2010 aimed to split Teterboro among surrounding communities, though the state Legislature couldn’t advance the bill due to widespread opposition. Sponsored by Senator Robert M. Gordon and Assembly Persons Connie Wagner and Vincent Prieto, the bill’s proposed 20-year tax exemption sought to alleviate concerns of property owners and businesses fearing a spike in rates if the borough were dissolved. Questions also arose regarding the legality of such a reduction.

Rehabilitation Services: Why Teterboro, NJ Residents Choose Motion Physical Therapy

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic therapy provides tailored solutions for individuals facing musculoskeletal issues, whether recovering from fractures, sprains, strains, or post-surgical rehabilitation. Motion Physical Therapy is experienced in custom care within the evolving medical landscape, aiming to deliver exceptional patient experiences. As a family-run establishment, we aim to offer compassionate and highly skilled therapy, ensuring each patient’s needs are met with personalized attention.

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation in Teterboro, NJ, is essential for athletes to heal fully. With targeted training, specific attention, and professional treatment, athletes can overcome discomfort, rebuild strength, and avoid injuries. By enhancing overall athletic performance and accelerating the healing process by emphasizing good technique, biomechanics, and injury prevention techniques, sports injury rehabilitation also encourages athletes to play longer careers. Athletes who invest in their recovery aim to do more than return to the field; they want to realize their full potential and become successful athletes.

At Motion Physical Therapy, we recognize that each person’s path to recovery is distinct. We provide compassion and humor at every turn. Our goal is to increase your range of motion, reduce pain, and give you the confidence to view your health differently. 

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation is a vital component of the healing process. It provides patients with individualized programs to help them regain strength, function, and mobility after surgery. Exercise and therapies are all combined in rehabilitation programs to assist patients in healing as much as possible and feeling confident enough to return to their regular activities.

In Teterboro, New Jersey, Motion Physical Therapy is committed to offering a haven of individualized treatment and sincere connection. As a small, family-run business, we provide personalized therapeutic experiences in addition to the usual care needs. Every session is infused with years of experience and sensitivity from our caring staff, who ensure every patient feels respected, understood, and encouraged in their quest for well-being.

  • Geriatric Rehabilitation

Physical therapy works to create a culture of genuine connection, empathy, and individualized treatment in an attempt to transform the healthcare industry completely. Every patient is treated like a treasured part of the family and receives individualized therapy sessions that go above and beyond standard treatment procedures. At Motion Physical Therapy, we enhance mobility, reduce discomfort, boost people’s spirits, and spread joy on their journey to wellness by combining knowledge, compassion, and a dash of fun. To promote positivity, resiliency, and energy in our community, we strive to empower people, listen closely, and show genuine concern.

  • Manual Therapy

Are you in pain due to a disease, surgery, or wound? Manual therapy could be beneficial in treating your issues. If you’ve been hurt, manual therapy can help you heal and enhance your overall performance. Our therapists employ various methods to improve function and lessen pain.

  • Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Motion Physical Therapy offers therapeutic exercise programs in Teterboro, NJ. We know the disruption that musculoskeletal conditions or discomfort can cause to your daily routine. We offer individualized therapy programs with therapeutic exercise regimens to help you recover and resume your life. 

  • Postural Assessment and Correction

Motion Physical Therapy is one of the trusted places in Teterboro, NJ, for posture assessment and correction. We understand that good posture is essential and are committed to helping our patients achieve it. Your health shouldn’t cease because of poor posture. 

  • Injury Prevention

In Teterboro, New Jersey, Motion Physical Therapy provides programs for preventing injuries. Our mission is to avoid injuries and aid people in their recovery. Your physical therapist at Motion Physical Therapy will create an individualized program based on your needs and body type.

  • Telehealth Services

Telehealth services are reshaping the healthcare landscape by facilitating remote access to medical care, particularly advantageous for individuals residing in remote or underserved regions. By offering timely healthcare remotely, telehealth reduces the necessity for costly in-person visits, hospital stays, and emergency room trips, thereby decreasing overall healthcare expenditures. Furthermore, telehealth enhances patient engagement by granting convenient access to resources and support tools, fostering improved communication between patients and healthcare providers, leading to better treatment adherence and overall satisfaction. With its potential to revolutionize healthcare through convenience, enhanced coordination, and transformative capabilities, telehealth holds promise for improving outcomes across patients, providers, and healthcare systems.

  • Balance Rehabilitation

Motion Physical Therapy provides balance rehabilitation programs for Teterboro residents. Our techniques assist in retraining the brain to rectify imbalances and reprocess information. Repetition is the key to developing balance, just like any other ability. We understand how this works and are skilled at resolving various balancing problems.

Places to Visit

Teterboro may not be as popular as other cities in the United States, but don’t let that fool you. This small but beautiful upcoming tourist destination is worth visiting. You’ll be shocked by some of the unusual activities and locations this hidden gem offers.

  • New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame

Established in 1972, the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey is dedicated to preserving the state’s rich aviation and space exploration history. Located at Teterboro Airfield, the oldest operational airfield in the Tri-State area, the museum features displays of historic aircraft, space equipment, artifacts, photos, artwork, and a model aircraft collection.

Visitors, both adults, and children can explore exhibits on spaceflight, engineering, research, piloting, and manufacturing. The museum offers interactive experiences such as a video game flight simulator and a hot air balloon basket to climb into, along with real-life helicopters and ambulances on display, making it an engaging destination for all ages.

  • Teterboro Landing

Teterboro Landing, located in the heart of Teterboro, New Jersey, is a vibrant retail and dining destination catering to locals and visitors. Boasting a mix of well-known national chains and unique local boutiques, Teterboro Landing offers an eclectic shopping experience, with options ranging from fashion and accessories to home goods and electronics. Visitors can explore the open-air center’s inviting atmosphere, complete with pedestrian-friendly walkways and landscaped plazas, perfect for strolls and impromptu gatherings. Additionally, the dining scene at Teterboro Landing showcases diverse culinary delights, from casual eateries serving comfort food favorites to upscale restaurants offering gourmet cuisine. With its convenient location and diverse offerings, Teterboro Landing serves as a bustling hub of activity, providing a dynamic shopping and dining experience for all who visit.

  • Teterboro Golf Course

Teterboro Golf Course, nestled in the serene landscape of Teterboro, New Jersey, offers golf enthusiasts an inviting retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This meticulously maintained public course features lush fairways, manicured greens, and picturesque views, providing players of all skill levels with an enjoyable and challenging golfing experience. With its well-designed layout and strategically placed hazards, Teterboro Golf Course offers an engaging round of golf for beginners and seasoned players. Golfers can hone their skills on the course’s various holes, each presenting unique obstacles and opportunities. Whether teeing off against the backdrop of towering trees or navigating water hazards, players are treated to a scenic and rewarding game amidst the tranquility of nature. Additionally, the course’s amenities, including a clubhouse and pro shop, ensure visitors have everything they need for a memorable day on the links. Teterboro Golf Course is a cherished destination for golf enthusiasts, providing a peaceful retreat and a challenging test of skill in the heart of New Jersey.

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