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Hackensack, NJ: A Haven of Personalized Rehab Services 

In the American state of New Jersey, Hackensack is the most populated municipality and the county seat of Bergen County. Hackensack has been the area’s colloquial name since the 18th century, but it was formerly known as New Barbadoes Township until 1921.

Brief History

Situated in northeastern New Jersey, Hackensack is the seat of Bergen County and spans 4.6 square miles. The height above sea level ranges from three to 120 feet.  The New York City skyline is not visible from Hackensack, New Jersey, due to its distance from Manhattan. Along the banks of the Hackensack River, the area that would later become Hackensack was inhabited by the Lenni Lenape Indian community until the arrival of European settlers in the 17th century.

The Achkinheshcky tribe resided in what is now Bergen County, which influenced the naming of Hackensack. The word “Hackensack” is derived from the Lenape language and means “mouth of a river.” The Hackensack tribe established villages in the region, each functioning as a separate political entity and characterized by a democratic decision-making process among tribe members.

Upon the arrival of Dutch settlers in Bergen County, efforts were made to establish permanent settlements, including the settlement of Bergen. Interactions between the Dutch and local Native American tribes, including Oratam, the chief of the Hackensack tribe, were generally peaceful. However, conflicts arose with the arrival of British settlers in the mid-17th century, leading to a turbulent period in Hackensack’s history until the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783. Following the war, efforts were made to establish a stable government in Hackensack.

Rehabilitation Services: Why Hackensack, NJ Residents Choose Motion Physical Therapy

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Orthopedic therapy is a part of rehabilitation physiotherapy that focuses on correcting musculoskeletal deformities and functional impairments. It plays a crucial role in orthopedics, especially after surgeries. Physiotherapy can help patients regain mobility, manage pain, increase confidence and independence, treat specific conditions like arthritis, bursitis, joint pain, and lower back pain, and rehabilitate patients post-surgery or injury.

Motion Physical Therapy provides comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s specific needs. Our physicians use their experience to assess and address the specific needs of orthopedic cases. 

  • Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Sports injury rehabilitation in Hackensack, NJ, is essential for athletes to heal fully. Athletes can overcome discomfort, rebuild strength, and avoid injuries with targeted training, specific attention, and professional treatment. By enhancing overall athletic performance and accelerating the healing process by emphasizing good technique, biomechanics, and injury prevention techniques, sports injury rehabilitation also encourages athletes to play longer careers. Athletes who invest in their recovery aim to do more than return to the field; they want to realize their full potential and eventually become successful athletes.

At Motion Physical Therapy, we recognize that each person’s path to recovery is distinct. We provide  compassion, and humor at every turn. Our goal is to increase your range of motion, reduce pain, and give you the confidence to view your health differently. 

  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Post-surgical rehabilitation is an essential part of the healing process that offers patients customized programs to help them restore mobility, strength, and function following surgery. Rehabilitation programs mix manual therapy, exercise, and specialty therapies to help patients recuperate as much as possible and have the confidence to resume their regular activities.

Motion Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing a haven of personalized care and genuine connection in Hackensack, New Jersey. We are a small, family-run company that offers customized therapy experiences in addition to standard care requirements. Our compassionate staff infuses each session with years of knowledge and empathy, ensuring that each patient feels valued, comprehended, and inspired in their pursuit of well-being.

  • Geriatric Rehabilitation

Physical therapy aims to revolutionize the healthcare sector by fostering an environment of sincere empathy, connection, and customized care. Each patient is given tailored therapy sessions that go above and beyond the scope of standard treatment protocols and are treated like valued family members. At Motion Physical Therapy, we combine knowledge, compassion, and a healthy dose of fun to improve mobility, lessen discomfort, lift people’s spirits, and share joy on their path to wellness. We work to empower people, listen intently, and demonstrate genuine concern to foster positivity, resilience, and energy in our community.

  • Manual Therapy

Are you experiencing pain due to a wound, illness, or surgery? Manual therapy could be beneficial in treating your problems. It can improve your overall performance and aid your healing if injured. Motion Physical Therapy practitioners use various techniques to reduce pain and enhance function.

  • Therapeutic Exercise Programs

Motion Physical Therapy provides therapeutic exercise programs for Hackensack, New Jersey residents. We understand how musculoskeletal disorders or pain can interfere with your regular schedule. We provide tailored treatment plans incorporating therapeutic exercise schedules to aid recovery and return to life. 

  • Postural Assessment and Correction

Motion Physical Therapy is the best location in Hackensack, New Jersey, for posture evaluation and repair. We are committed to supporting our patients in proper posture because we recognize its importance. Bad posture shouldn’t be the end of your health. 

  • Injury Prevention

Motion Physical Therapy offers injury prevention programs in Hackensack, New Jersey. Our goal is to prevent accidents and assist individuals in their recovery. Your physical therapist at Motion Physical Therapy will design an individualized routine based on your needs and body type.

  • Telehealth Services

The emergence of telehealth services is fundamentally altering the healthcare landscape, enabling individuals in remote or underserved areas to access medical care remotely. Through remote healthcare delivery, telehealth mitigates the need for expensive in-person consultations, hospital admissions, and emergency department visits, ultimately reducing healthcare costs. Additionally, telehealth promotes active patient involvement by offering convenient access to resources and support tools, facilitating better communication between patients and healthcare providers, resulting in improved treatment compliance and overall contentment. With its ability to revolutionize healthcare delivery through convenience, enhanced coordination, and transformative potential, telehealth stands poised to benefit patients, healthcare providers, and healthcare systems alike.

  • Balance Rehabilitation

Motion Physical Therapy offers balance therapy programs in Hackensack, New Jersey. Our methods help the brain retrain to correct imbalances and reprocess information. Like any other skill, balance is developed through repetition. We know how this operates and are adept at finding solutions to various balancing issues.

Places to Visit

Hackensack, New Jersey, is a city rich in cultural heritage, natural beauty, and culinary diversity that caters to various interests, from historical tours to delicious food adventures. Here are the signature attractions and hidden gems that have made Hackensack a popular destination for both discerning travelers and locals. 

  • The Shops at Riverside

The Shops at Riverside, located in Hackensack, NJ, provides a haven for those who enjoy the luxuries of high-end shopping and dining. This modern mall is more than just a shopping destination; it’s an experience where guests can indulge in the latest fashion trends from well-known designer brands while enjoying exquisite culinary creations. To make the most of your visit, plan a day that includes shopping and leisurely dining, which allows the beautiful ambiance to transform your outing into a luxurious retreat. The Shops at Riverside is unique because it offers an upscale, serene shopping environment that caters to visitors’ discerning tastes.

  • Hackensack Riverkeeper

The Hackensack Riverkeeper is a must-see for anyone interested in conservation or outdoor activities. As guardians of the Hackensack River, this organization provides a unique blend of environmental advocacy and recreational opportunities. Visitors can take eco-tours to learn about local wildlife and conservation efforts or kayak to experience the river’s beauty up close. Participate in one of Hackensack Riverkeeper’s hands-on environmental activities to fully appreciate everything the organization offers. It’s a place where the beauty of nature is actively searched for, providing a one-of-a-kind and meaningful way to explore Hackensack, New Jersey’s natural landscapes.

  • Johnson Public Library

The Johnson Public Library is an icon of knowledge and community in Hackensack, providing more than just books. It is a cultural and educational center where visitors can participate in various programs and resources. Check the library’s schedule for unique programs and activities that appeal to individuals of all ages and interests. The library is a must-see for anyone hoping to expand their horizons and engage with the Hackensack neighborhood because of its unique ability to foster a love of study and unite the community through various programs.

  • Hackensack Cultural Arts Center

The Hackensack Cultural Arts Center is at the heart of the city’s thriving arts scene, providing a venue for regional entertainers and artists to showcase their talents. 

This venue is unique in its dedication to promoting local artists and offering diverse cultural experiences, including theater productions and art exhibitions. Visitors are encouraged to attend a performance or workshop to experience Hackensack’s creative pulse truly. The center’s commitment to arts education and community involvement makes it an essential destination for visitors looking to learn about and appreciate the city’s rich cultural tapestry.

  • Foschini Park

Foschini Park provides a slice of recreational bliss in Hackensack, with amenities for both sports enthusiasts and families. Its proximity to the Hackensack River adds to the park’s appeal, providing scenic views and a peaceful setting for picnics, walks, and sporting events. To make the most of your visit, consider attending one of the park’s many community events or simply spending the day exploring its natural and recreational offerings. Foschini Park’s combination of outdoor activities and picturesque landscapes makes it a one-of-a-kind and enjoyable destination for visitors looking for a peaceful urban retreat.

  • Atlantic Street Park

Atlantic Street Park is a thriving community hub in downtown Hackensack, hosting everything from concerts to outdoor movie nights. This modern urban park is one-of-a-kind, with features that promote social interaction and community engagement, creating a bustling meeting spot for locals and guests. Please attend one of the many free events that highlight Atlantic Street Park’s role in improving Hackensack’s cultural and social life to get the most out of it. It is a gathering place for the community to celebrate, relax, and enjoy the city’s green space.

  • Hackensack Performing Arts Center

The Hackensack Performing Arts Center is a cultural gem that hosts high-quality performances in theater, music, and dance. This venue stands out for its support of local artists and its role in providing diverse cultural experiences to the community. Visitors are encouraged to attend a show or concert to witness Hackensack’s artistic vibrancy first hand. The performing arts center’s commitment to cultural enrichment and community engagement makes it a must-see destination for anyone interested in the arts.

  • Borg’s Woods Nature Preserve

Borg’s Woods Nature Preserve is an urban oasis that provides a peaceful relaxation from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This preserve stands out for its old-growth forest and walking trails, which allow visitors to explore Hackensack’s natural beauty. To make the most of your visit, take a leisurely walk through the woods to see the diverse flora and fauna. Borg’s Woods offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature in an urban setting, making it an essential stop for anyone looking for peace and tranquility in Hackensack, New Jersey.

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